Independent Report Is Highly Critical of Colorado Police in Death of Elijah McClain

At one point, Officer Roedema can be heard on cops body video camera video saying, “He grabbed your weapon, man.” That escalated the fight. Officer Woodyard, who was holding Mr. McClains left arm, later told detectives that after that remark, his goal was to “take him down to the ground as tough” as he could.
Ms. Newman, the attorney for Mr. McClains daddy, disputes this information, saying it was “clearly fabricated” by the officers in order to justify their behavior. She also said that the officers weapons were in “security holsters” and could not easily be gotten rid of.
Officer Rosenblatt said he used a carotid hold to Mr. McClains neck for about one 2nd as the officers were wrestling the 5-foot-7 Mr. McClain to the ground, according to the report. A carotid hold, according to the report, is the application of pressure “to the best and left sides of a subjects neck to deprive the brain of oxygen and cause unconsciousness.”
While Mr. McClain was on the ground, Officer Woodyard applied another carotid hold to him.
The officers “applied discomfort compliance strategies and restraints to Mr. McClain continually from the first minutes of the encounter up until he was eliminated on a gurney,” the report stated.
As the officers did this, the report stated, Mr. McClain can be heard on police body video stating: “You all are extraordinary, you are beautiful. Forgive me.”
” Ow, that truly hurt,” he stated. “You people are too strong.”
According to the report, Mr. McClain stated as his voice tracked off, “Its just that I cant breathe correctly due to the fact that …”
When emergency situation medical employees arrived, they appeared “to have accepted the officers impression that Mr. McClain had actually delighted delirium without supporting that impression through significant observation or diagnostic evaluation of Mr. McClain,” the report stated.