Investigators Eye Right-Wing Militias at Capitol Riot

The federal authorities have prioritized not only militias however others who were associated with attacking law enforcement officer. The F.B.I. has actually also detained members of the Proud Boys, a reactionary nationalist group.
On Sunday evening, Donovan Crowl, 50, a previous U.S. Marine, and Jessica Watkins, 38, an Army veteran, surrendered to the authorities in Ohio after they published pictures of themselves on social networks using fight gear and stating that they had stormed the Capitol. They were charged in a criminal problem with unlawful entry, disorderly conduct and obstructing a main proceeding.
The F.B.I. said Ms. Watkins considered herself the leader of the Ohio State Regular Militia, which is connected with the Oath Keepers. In a social media post by Ms. Watkins, Mr. Crowl was portrayed with the caption: “One of my men at the Stop the Steal Rally today.”
Federal district attorneys likewise unsealed charges this weekend against Robert Gieswein, 24, of Woodland Park, Colo., who they state is affiliated with the Three Percenters.
Mr. Gieswein, who runs a private paramilitary training group called the Woodland Wild Dogs, was amongst the early wave of invaders to breach the Capitol, court papers stated. Photographs from the attack show him outfitted in a military vest, safety glasses and an Army-style helmet, wrestling with Capitol Police officers to eliminate metal barriers and brandishing a baseball bat. In a criminal complaint, prosecutors pointed out a video of Mr. Gieswein motivating other rioters as they smashed a window at the Capitol with a wood board and a plastic guard and then climbing up through the damaged glass into the structure.
Mr. Gieswein was photographed inside the structure with another suspect, Dominic Pezzola, a former Marine and member of the Proud Boys, who was charged recently.
After the attack, Mr. Gieswein said in a news documentary interview that he assaulted the Capitol to “get the corrupt political leaders out of office,” according to court documents, including, “They have actually completely ruined our country and offered them to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.”