The 10 best romantic movies currently on Netflix

Whats better than one set of hot individuals getting together in an enjoyable, modern romantic funny? Those hot individuals setting up another set of hot individuals in a contemporary, enjoyable romantic comedy!.
Set It Up is a completely light, cuddly date film. -A.N.
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9. To All The Boys Ive Loved Before.

Groundhog Day satisfies Some Kind of Wonderful in this delightful romantic funny from director Ari Sandel. Adam DeVine and Alexandra Daddario star as Noah and Avery, buddies who couldve worked as a couple but didnt get the timing.
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8. Set It Up.

Are you a fan of longing looks, swooning welcomes, elegant fur coats, and Cate Blanchett appreciating her fans name on her lips as she would an ice-cold martini? Based on Patricia Highsmiths novel The Price of Salt, Todd Haynes stunning duration drama dives into the out of breath romance between an attractive homemaker (Carol, played by Blanchett) and an unassuming store woman (Therese, played by Rooney Mara) amidst the appeal and injustice of 1950s Manhattan.
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6. Moonlight.

A tale as old as time: boy satisfies girl, girl dislikes boy, sensations kinda shared due to the fact that of complex Regency-era class politics and worry of an awful mother-in-law, womans sibling runs off with boys youth rival, that entire thing with Mr. Bingley too … okay, possibly its a little bit more complex than that..
Joe Wrights 2005 adjustment of Pride and Prejudice keeps all the sly humor and tension of Jane Austens unique and infuses it with period-appropriate steaminess. Keira Knightley is fantastic, Tom from Succession is fantastic (yep, thats him! Matthew Macfayden!), and who can forget that hand flex? – Alexis Nedd, Senior Entertainment Reporter.
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5. Carol.

When it hit theaters in 1998, Karan Johars directorial debut became an instantaneous Bollywood classic. Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) and Anjali (Kajol) are college besties until Rahul falls in love with Tina (Rani Mukherji) and Anjali recognizes her true feelings for him. The friends become separated before Tina dies, leaving a child, likewise named Anjali in honor of their old friend. Little Anjali grows up checking out letters from her late mother, and she discovers her daddys old friend– his very first love. Tina tasks her child with tracking down Anjali and reuniting the good friends as enthusiasts, once and for all..
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai stays Johars finest work to date, a movie that made his name associated with pure power in the Hindi movie market. Despite being popular for its love triangle, the movie never ever pits Anjali and Tina versus each other, instead portraying a beautiful friendship in between the 2 females as well as their respective relationships to Rahul. “Pyar dosti hai,” Rahul states early on; Love is friendship.
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2. Runaway Bride.

The film folds themes of Blackness and masculinity in the two boys apparent destination to each other as their lives bring them together, then apart, and lastly together once again in the most romantic scene of 2016– Kevin making Chiron dinner at his restaurant. -A.N.
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7. When We First Met.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are a 90s rom-com dyad for a reason. Nine years after they combined up for Garry Marshalls immediate traditional Pretty Woman, they returned as the main couple to root for in Marshalls Runaway Bride. Roberts is off the charts charming as Maggie, a woman known in tabloids for leaving 3 different guys at the modify and Gere is swoonworthy as Ike, a reporter assigned to cover the story of Maggies ideally last and fourth wedding event. Their tourist attraction and good understanding is romance movie gold, and you cant help however feel bad for bad Bob (Christopher Meloni), Maggies fourth bride-to-be whose sports metaphors do not stand a possibility versus that wonderful Gere/Roberts chemistry..
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3. The Notebook.

That mood is best served when the romantic movies you yearn for are easily available on a streaming service like Netflix. Some of these choices for the 10 finest romantic movies on Netflix are comedies while other are dramas, but all of them will scratch the itch for a lovey dovey night in. Despite being popular for its love triangle, the movie never ever pits Anjali and Tina against each other, instead illustrating a beautiful friendship in between the 2 ladies as well as their particular relationships to Rahul. Netflixs rom-com revival kicked off in 2018, a year whose slate included this criminally lovely movie based on the novel by Jenny Han. With a bouncy pop soundtrack and visual style that is the envy of your entire Instagram feed, To All the Boys is the kind of film you can return to once again and again, a convenience watch as cozy as Lara Jeans baked goods.

The Notebook has historically been my favorite movie to grumble about. The movies expected dream couple is in fact an absolute catastrophe? While there are a million reasons Noah and Allie need to not be together in genuine life, seeing their unpleasant, remarkable relationship play out on screen is like consuming sweet, particularly when set versus the rich backgrounds of 1940s South Carolina.
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4. Pride and Prejudice.

Netflixs rom-com revival started in 2018, a year whose slate included this criminally captivating film based on the unique by Jenny Han. Lara Jean (Lana Condor) is a helpless romantic in the routine of composing letters to her most epic crushes– writing, not sending. When the letters leakage, she starts pretending to date Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) to divert attention from her genuine crush on her sisters partner..
With a bouncy pop soundtrack and visual style that is the envy of your entire Instagram feed, To All the Boys is the kind of film you can go back to again and again, a comfort watch as cozy as Lara Jeans baked products. Will we ever tire of watching imaginary characters fake love up until it ends up being real? The answer is no if theyre even half as adorable as these two. -P.K.
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10. Constantly Be My Maybe.

What if your truest love lies in one of your oldest relationships? -A.H.
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Often the mood strikes and only sticking around glimpses, sluggish burns, yearning looks, and leading tier motion picture smooches will do..
When the romantic motion pictures you long for are quickly accessible on a streaming service like Netflix, that state of mind is best served. Some of these picks for the 10 finest romantic motion pictures on Netflix are funnies while other are dramas, however all of them will scratch the itch for a lovey dovey night in. Beginning at the oldest movie on the list …
1. Kuch Hota Hai.