Every moment of John Olivers diabolical long-running joke about Adam Driver

” Theres only one infectious illness that 2 thirds of the world should be getting right now, and thats Adam Driver fever,” stated Oliver. Oh, Im sorry, you thought I d stopped the Adam Driver bit cuz Im stuck at home now? Following an Adam Driver hiatus that came on the heels of that lengthy aside, it seemed for a while that the joke might be over. It ultimately came back stronger than ever in October, throughout Olivers segment on Trumps border wall.

This time the segue included Trump supposedly describing the border wall style as “ugly.”.
” I have to say, hes not actually wrong there,” responded Oliver. “I dont imply to wall pity, but if I had a list of hot walls, that one would not even split the leading 30. This stone wall?
” This human wall? I believe all of us understand how I feel about that. Collapse on my chest, you impenetrable barrier. Crush my ribcage, you load-bearing leviathan.”.

A big thank you to Adam Driver, for being at all happy to participate in our season ending, regardless of all the violent filth weve tossed at him all season. We guarantee, the bit is over. Unless you tell us its not. pic.twitter.com/KpcVysK0B5.
— Last Week Tonight (@LastWeekTonight) November 16, 2020.

” Theres only one infectious disease that 2 thirds of the world ought to be getting right now, whichs Adam Driver fever,” stated Oliver. “Shatter my knees, you fuckable redwood. Snap off my toes, you huge, unwashed buffalo.”.
And the gag didnt stop there. From then on, in fact, Oliver told Meyers it was something of an obsession amongst his staff.
For posterity, weve combed through each episode of Last Week Tonight from 2020 and located every last one of the hosts wicked needs to Adam Driver we might in sequential order, starting with Olivers 4th episode on the coronavirus in April:.

Needless to say, Oliver appeared to take pleasure in that. And as Driver lastly hung up in disgust, the bit was finished at last..
Unless Adam Driver orders a comeback, naturally.

This time, the ever-tenuous segue included a clip of WWE chairman Vince McMahon discussing new material being “a driver in regards to stimulating interest.”.
” OK, well initially, I would argue that the dangers of producing content the way that you are appear to surpass the benefits right now, and second, no one on that call registered your point there, because you simply stated stimulating, strong males, underwear, and most importantly, driver, all in the exact same sentence, at which point everyones minds turned immediately to getting absolutely bone-crushed by Adam Driver,” Oliver said..
” Chokeslam me to hell, you nasty shed. Jam your mandible claw down my throat, you irredeemable guide.”.

” I have to state, hes not in fact incorrect there,” reacted Oliver.

John Oliver loves a running joke.
Anyone whos been viewing Last Week Tonight for any length of time will learn about his regular jabs at “service daddy” (and owner of HBO) AT&T, in addition to his emotional relationship with Japanese otter mascot Shinjo-Kun.
2020 was no exception, either. Throughout the past year, Oliver took part in a pleasant ongoing fight with the town of Danbury, Connecticut, which began with a random (and brutal) outburst and intensified to the town gleefully calling their sewage plant after him.
And after that there was Adam Driver..
Olivers thirsty Adam Driver comments have not featured in every episode of Last Week Tonight, but they have turned up pretty frequently in 2020. Theyre sort of difficult to explain in words, so well let the very first extremely first example– which took place back in a February episode about Indias Prime Minister, Narendra Modi– set the tone for you.

At this point, Oliver provided an important side note about the bit in general, dealing with any audience members who may have been pondering where he was choosing it.
” If youre anything like my staff, youre asking questions like, Is this sexual, or is it violent? and youre then dissatisfied when the answer returns: Yes,” said Oliver. “If youre like my wife, you might be asking, Should I be fretted about this? with your concern just growing when the answer is: Only if you desire to be. And what of Adam Driver himself? Is he troubled by this continued sexualisation? He seems like a relatively personal guy whos usually unpleasant with attention, making what Im doing perhaps some kind of harassment. He might in fact have quite good premises to have me reprimanded lawfully, to which I say: Do it..
” Slap a limiting order on me, you forlorn block. Beg me to stop, you enormous obstacle.”.
Following an Adam Driver hiatus that began the heels of that lengthy aside, it seemed for a while that the joke might be over. But it wasnt. It ultimately came back more powerful than ever in October, throughout Olivers segment on Trumps border wall.

Naturally, for a joke as long-running as this one, the conclusion had to be really legendary. And thankfully, it definitely was.
During the final show of Last Week Tonight mid-November, Oliver was halfway through a request for Adam Driver to squash his throat when the phone suddenly sounded– and Driver himself was on the other end.
“This bit. I dont know you. … you hollow-boned Mr Bean cosplayer …”.
Ultimately, after chastising Oliver some more and calling him a “deeply odd, small, small thing,” the star managed to force an apology. And after that he provided the host some guidance: get out of the blank void hes been recording his shows from and go back outside again.
Olivers reaction? “Just to be absolutely clear, though Adam, are you giving me an order?”.
” Explore the fucking space, you hollow-boned Mr Bean cosplayer,” responded Driver. “Look around you, you underbaked gingerbread young boy.”.

” I wouldnt desire anybody with the coronavirus serving me my next meal, unless obviously that person was Adam Driver,” the host remarked throughout the sector..
” Sneeze in my McFlurry, you pensive bison.”.
” Because contaminating me with dessert is quite on my running list of things Adam Driver can do to me. Oh, Im sorry, you thought I d stopped the Adam Driver bit cuz Im stuck at house now? You were incorrect about that. And yes, I understand my other half can hear me– thats part of it..
” Sneeze in my McFlurry, you pensive bison. Damage my lungs, you ruthless hillock.”.
The bit continued in Olivers 6th episode on the coronavirus pandemic at the start of May:.

The comment came as Oliver was speaking about a time Modi left of an interview back in 2007.
” That kind of behaviour is reserved for Adam Driver in an NPR interview about Marriage Story,” he said, referencing reports that the actor went out of an interview in Dec. 2019 after being played a clip of himself in the motion picture. “And that is only due to the fact that Adam Driver can do whatever the fuck he desires.”.
Bringing up an image of Driver in a fit on the red carpet, Oliver began what would quickly become his longest-running joke of 2020.
” Step on my throat, Adam Driver, you rudely large guy.”.
” Step on my throat, Adam Driver, you rudely large male,” he stated. “Break my fingers, you brooding mountain.”.
Apparently, the joke came pretty much out of nowhere, a random concept from one of Last Week Tonights group of authors. Months later, throughout an interview with Seth Meyers that followed the final Last Week Tonight show of 2020, John Oliver said the water on the seed was the “genuine resistance” he felt from the studio audience when he initially made those suggestive demands.
” It felt like they about 40 percent enjoyed it,” said Oliver. “And it visited my head– Ooh, lets shot and do this once again– so we did it as a call-back a few weeks later.”.
Here is stated call-back, aired at the start of March during a section on COVID-19, which had simply spread out to the U.S.:.

” Yeah, that sounds pretty unpleasant,” stated Oliver in his segment, after playing a clip of a lady discussing her COVID-19 test experience. “Unless of course your brain is being pulled out through your nostril by Adam Driver..
” Pull my heart out through my ear, you meaty oak tree. Impale my brain, you unacceptable monstrosity.”.
Next up was Olivers breakdown of sports and the coronavirus in mid-May:.