Drew McIntyre Wants To Take It Slow With Sheamus – Wrestlezone

Picture by John Peters/Man Utd through Getty Images

While lots of on-screen relationships on WWE TV are the things of TV magic, WWE Championship Drew McIntyre is legitimately good friends with Sheamus. They both came up in the organization on the exact same European indie scene and they both emerged in the same variation of WWE developmental. Those happy to go into the archives will discover numerous excellent matches between them on that indie scene, however just a couple of small bouts in their WWE history.
Nevertheless, the characters have actually been paired together on RAW beyond stories, a rare showing of friendship in between a “hero” and a “bad person.” In an interview with ViBe & & Wrestling, Drew says that he likes the novelty of the scenario. ” … Youve got us interacting with each other and you see that were certainly friends and the feedback I normally get is it feels natural this is how people talk in real life this is just genuine.”

Drew is in no rush to climb up into the ring with the finest man at his wedding event. “I do not believe we need to jump into a match everybody keeps saying oh whens rigging to reverse and I get Brogue kicked why d they need to Brogue kick me right away?” Drew states that he can tag and engage with Sheamus even if he does the “nasty things” required of a WWE heel. “I dont believe we have to delve into a match to way down the line … and again 52 weeks of television lets not rush a story for when.”
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