Indians seek out fortune tellers to fight COVID-19 blues – Reuters

” Right now people are actually frightened about their future,” stated Sharma, with flowing hair and a big vermilion dot on his forehead, as smouldering incense sticks spread their fragrance over an Apple laptop computer on his desk.
” How will they survive? Will they have their tasks or not? Will their service survive or not,” he added.
Indians are gathering to astrologists, tarot card readers and faith healers as they look for to understand what lies ahead and find solutions to existing health, mental and monetary issues in a nation where coronavirus cases have rocketed to 3.3 million – the third-highest worldwide – with more than 60,000 deaths.
” Whenever our mind is actually disrupted and we feel anxious, we come here,” said Anju Devi, 52, who asked Sharma about her sons diminishing organization and the potential customers of her daughters marriage. “Those who remain in anxiety and taking medications, they feel boosted after coming here and it helps them come out of those situations.”
Indian astrologists, palm readers, numerologists and tarot card readers are estimated to produce numerous millions of dollars a year in income. Charges vary from 100 rupees ($ 1.50) for a quick session with a palmist to numerous thousand rupees for a long session with a popular spiritual guide.
Ajay Bhambi, a widely known astrologist and spiritual expert to politicians, Bollywood stars and professional cricketers, said his service had actually risen 40% since the COVID-19 break out.
” You keep the hopes alive and see what is precisely kept for them in future,” said Bhambi, a regular on Indian TELEVISION networks. “If I see a little ray, then I can produce a much better photo for them.”
He anticipated Indias COVID-19 crisis would significantly improve from March onward.
To be sure, not every mystic is flooded with consumers. For example, Kripajyoti Nisha Singla, a cosmic therapist who also practices hypnotherapy, stated she has actually cancelled sessions due to the fact that of a lack of need.
” The energies which I got was that people were conserving cash,” Singla stated. “Everyones really concerned about their financial resources, extremely unsure about how they are going to survive” if the coronavirus crisis extends.
Extra reporting by Saurabh Sharma in Lucknow; Writing by Krishna N. Das

Sanjay Sharma, a mystic healer and astrologist, speak with a household, who concerned him with their issue, as he sits in his office, amidst the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in New Delhi, India August 22, 2020. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – In his golden-hued workplace, dressed up with peacock plumes and crystal balls, Indian mystic healer and astrologer Sanjay Sharma is hectic offering his customers a peek into their future as the COVID-19 pandemic has muddied their present.

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