10 Moments WWE Dont Want You To Find On The Network – WhatCulture

WWEs product has maybe never ever been quite so disposable, and the August 3rd 2020 edition of Monday Night Raw made this point perfectly clear to a head-spinning degree.

Previously in the day, news broke online that the taping schedule had obviously been tossed into turmoil thanks to a string of last minute changes that consisted of but were not restricted to the return of Shane McMahon and the introduction of a brand brand-new stable. WWE went as far as tweeting verification of both from their official account, making the developments canon for the good of the story instead of just to further comparisons between the existing product and latter-day WCW.
The program itself was even wilder than the speculation could have mustered, with McMahon exposing an underground fight club behind a door in the Performance Center, said brand-new group attempting to firebomb the structure and other strange happenings such as Montez Ford getting poisoned and Nia Jax being forever suspended just a week after a programme with Shayna Baszler was seemingly established for SummerSlam.
It was sort of unforgettable all in one go, but then sort of not. No one truly got over and nothing mattered, however a lot of things took place and a few of it might spike the rankings today. A really WWE-in-2020 show, in that regard.
Buzz yes, Network rewatches no. An occasion theyll be delighted to see vanish into the archives, similar to a few of these concealed horrors …