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Cesaro (w/Shinsuke Nakamura) defeated Lince Dorado (w/Gran Metalik).

Cesaro recuperated and hit the Gotch Neutralizer for the win..

They wrapped up Sonya Deville attacking Mandy Rose recently..

They summarized Cross losing to Bayley and pushing Bliss to the mat. After the match, The Fiend appeared and used the Mandible Claw on Bliss..

Cesaro lifted Dorado, and he stood on Cesaros shoulder and did a backflip onto his feet. Dorado then struck a springboard stunner for near fall. He then utilized a hurricanrana for another near fall.

Deville viciously beat down Mandy Rose and cut chunks of her hair off last week. Rose was in the process of getting prepared for a date with Otis when Deville assaulted.

In the back, Bayley and Sasha Banks talked about Bayleys match with Asuka on Raw. Bayley wanted that Banks asked her very first before volunteering her for the match..

The Fiend made his way to the ring..

Corbin rocked Hardy with a knee that sent him to the flooring..

Back from the match and the break was in development. Corbin rocked Sheamus with a clothesline at ringside. He slammed Sheamus headfirst into the reveal table.

Riddle returned to his feet, however Sheamus attempted a back suplex. Riddle landed on his feet and rocked Sheamus with a kick to the head. Riddle followed up with two lower arm shots in the corner and a suplex..

Tonights program will feature Bray Wyatt hosting a brand-new edition of the Firefly Funhouse. Last week, The Fiend attacked Alexa Bliss– who is friends with Braun Strowman– after Nikki Cross shoved her to the ground and left. Strowmans been missing out on given that losing the Swamp Fight to Wyatt at Extreme Rules. WWE.com is teasing Wyatt will reveal his inspirations for assaulting Bliss tonight.

He claimed he didnt care about Bliss. Hes a wicked monster, and hell provide The Fiend whatever he wants.

Sheamus challenged King Corbin in the back. He was furious that Corbin sent out Shorty G to interfere in his match. Corbin didnt back down and noted hes hectic with Jeff Hardy tonight..

The build to SummerSlam continues tonights SmackDown.

In the back, Kayla Braxton spoke with Heavy Machinery. Otis noted that Miz and Morrison could say whatever they desire about him but not his girlfriend, Mandy Rose..

He rammed Corbins head into the barricade. Corbin recovered and hit the deep 6 for a close near fall..

Dorado tried a crossbody, however Cesaro caught him and hit a backbreaker. Cesaro slowed the rate down, but Dorado resisted, and the speed got..

In the back, Rose and Deville continued to argue when the lights headed out..

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Sheamus sent Corbin into the barrier, reveal table, and ring post. He missed a leading rope move, and Corbin struck a side slam for a near fall..

They continued to mock Rose until Heavy Machinery went out, and a brawl broke out. The faces cleared the ring, and the heels took off.

Wyatt worried that The Fiend desires Strowmans Universal Championship..

Hardy had the early advantage, however Corbin prevented the twist of fate and hit a vicious clothesline for a near fall. Corbin beat down Hardy at ringside on the reveal table..

Wyatt blamed Strowman for Fiend assaulting Bliss. Wyat promised that “He” will be here later and with a surprise. Wyatt promised Strowman that if “He” doesnt get desire he wants, shell suffer..

He followed up with a penalty shot and Broton for a near fall. Riddle attempted the Floating Bro, but Sheamus moved, and Riddle arrived at his feet once again. Riddle charged, however Sheamus struck White Noise for a close near fall.

Matt Riddle takes on Sheamus tonight. Baron Corbin has positioned a Kings Ransom bounty on Riddle for anybody to gather..

Matt Riddle defeated Sheamus.

Michael Cole kept in mind The Fiend will be here tonight and teased a possible conflict with Braun Strowman..

Among the men brought in a chainsaw and cut the ring ropes. Retribution then celebrated..

Miz then said it was time to consult with the genuine victim from last week and introduced Sonya Deville..

They introduced their guest, Mandy Roses hair. Roses hair appeared on the big screen with googly eyes.

Banks and Bayley attempted to say sorry, however she wasnt mad. McMahon then announced a triple brand fight royal next week with the winner getting a title shot against Bayley at SummerSlam..

Michael Cole declared that Cesaro and Nakamura have actually been imitating teenagers because winning the titles..

Stephanie McMahon praised Bayley and Sasha Banks for winning all the titles. Banks discussed McMahons daughters and stated theyre simply finishing what she began. McMahon noted they discovered loopholes in her judgments..

The Firefly Funhouse.

They recapped Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura winning the SmackDown Tag Team titles when they defeated New Day in a tables match.

Cesaro and Dorado worked well together and had an excellent, fast-paced match while it lasted.

They chased off Cole, Graves, and the cameramen. They assaulted a few of the fans in the audience and after that turned over the reveal table.

An office worker approached and informed them they need to go to the ring for a teleconference with Stephanie McMahon..

Corbin slowed the pace down with a chin lock. Durable broke totally free and hit a moving dropkick.

Wyatt welcomed everyone to the Firefly Funhouse. He wanted to clear something up that the haters keep DM ing him about. Wyatt noted its not his fault that The Fiend attacked Bliss last week..

Back from the break, The Fiend was standing in the ring with his music playing and the red lights. He walked the ring.

Bayley and Sasha Banks Conference Call with Stephanie McMahon.

This was a great tag team match, however there wasnt much to it. However, Rose and Deville had a great post-match brawl..

Deville discussed how terrific it felt to assault Rose and cut her hair off. She buffooned Rose and has no regard left for her. Deville got upset with the fans and noted Roses music isnt going to play. Shes not coming out to get her revenge..

Suddenly, Michael Cole and Corey Graves flipped out at ringside as a bunch of males and females in black masks and hoodies went out with crowbars and baseball bats. Cole presumed they need to be Retribution..

Riddle and Sheamus had an excellent hard-hitting match up until the surface..

Morrison got to his feet, but Tucker avoided a kick and struck a clothesline. Tucker then struck a senton off the apron onto the heels.

They worked a slow pace in a brief match, although the surface infiltrated the story of the opening match..

Sheamus beat King Corbin.

They dealt with Shorty G like a complete joke getting batter by both the face and heel..

Sheamus took over with a side headlock, however Riddle broke complimentary. Riddle broke free, but Sheamus hit three Irish curse backbreakers in a row for a near fall. Riddle got back to his feet, but Sheamus attempted a back suplex. Riddle tried the Floating Bro, but Sheamus moved, and Riddle landed on his feet again. Riddle charged, however Sheamus hit White Noise for a close near fall.

The Dirt Sheet.

They spray painted the ring mats, actions, and ring apron skirt..

Unexpectedly, Matt Riddle triggered a diversion, and Sheamus struck the Brogue Kick for the win..

Kayla Braxton talked to Big E in the back and wondered whats next for him. He reviewed his history with The New Day. Hes prepared to see what he can do in songs competitors..

All Of A Sudden, Mandy Rose went out with short hair and attacked Deville. Rose and Deville brawled around ringside and in the ring..

Tucker resisted, and Otis got the hot tag. Otis cut loose on the heels and threw them around the ring. He struck the splash in the corner and followed up with the Catapiller, however Miz separated the 3 count..

The lights flickered throughout the match. Corey Graves was concerned that Retribution came to SmackDown.

The closing angle was similar and chaotic to the Nexus attack in 2010. Nevertheless, none of the SmackDown lineup came out or were included in the beat down. The angle was done well, but it seemed like something was missing to make it a huge offer. It depends on where the story goes from here.

Riddle and Sheamus battled around ringside. Sheamus rocked Riddle with a stiff knee. Riddle had a hard time to get back in the ring when Shorty G suddenly assaulted for the disqualification..

Plus, Corbin goes individually with Jeff Hardy. Corbin disrupted Hardy last week as Hardy addressed his personal issues and winning the Bar Fight versus Sheamus. Drew Gulak attempted to defend Hardy, but Corbin beat him..

Suddenly, Alexa Bliss appeared in the ring resting on the mat like recently. Fiend walked the ring and crawled towards Bliss..

Riddle won the match by DQ, however it didnt appear to bother him. He mored than happy that he won.

They evaluated the Swamp Fight between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman from 3 weeks earlier. It highlighted Alexa Blisss appearance in the match and Strowman disappearing in the water.

They had a great match but worked a sluggish speed. The Performance Center fans didnt know what to do because theyre both heels and simply made sounds..

Cesaro was strongly in control, but Dorado sent out Cesaro to the floor with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Dorado attempted a dive, however Cesaro caught him. Dorado resisted and pulled himself onto the barricade. He then struck a hurricanrana sending Cesaro into the apron..

Deville was great in this segment, but Miz and Morrisons Roses hair bit went long and dragged towards the end..

They summarized Shorty G assaulting Riddle last week in an effort to gather the Kings Ransom bounty..

Shorty G was briefly in control, but Riddle took over and beat him around ringside. He rocked Shorty G with a kick against the actions.


All of a sudden, Sheamus went out and hit the Brogue Kick on Hardy for the disqualification. Corbin was furious that Sheamus interfered. They argued at ringside..

Fiend teased using the Mandible Claw on Bliss again. Happiness stopped him and touched his face..

Heavy Machinery and Miz & & Morrison attempted to separate the brawl..

Tucker charged at the heels, but they moved, and he ran into the barricade. Miz then sent out Otis into the actions.

Heavy Machinery vs. The Miz & & John Morrison (w/Sonya Deville).

In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed The Miz, John Morrison, and Sonya Deville. They buffooned Otis and Heavy Machinery..

Back from the break, Sheamus was back in control with a chin lock. Riddle broke complimentary, however Sheamus hit three Irish curse backbreakers in a row for a near fall. He slowed the speed back down with a chin lock..

Corbin slowed the rate down with a chin lock. Sheamus powered up and tried White Noise, however Corbin slipped out and hit a clothesline..

Their mics quit working, and they had other issues. They blamed Retribution, however Miz presumed theyre only on Raw..

The Fiend/Braun Strowman Promo.

Deville mentioned that Rose just made it to the WWE because she won some swimwear contests. She was revolted that Rose won an award for constructing with Otis..

Riddle prevented the Brogue Kick and struck a German suplex for a 2 count. Sheamus went shoulder-first into the ring post after missing a charge in the corner..

Sheamus raged at Shorty G for interfering and attempting to gather the Kings Ransom. Sheamus then provided Shorty G a Brogue kick..

Sheamus rocked and recovered Riddle with an ill looking powerbomb. Riddle dropped Sheamus over the top rope, but he arrived on the apron. Sheamus struck a series of shots to the chest. Sheamus reached the top. Riddle got back to his feet and knocked Sheamus off the leading to the flooring with a forearm..

Sheamus took over with a side headlock, but Riddle broke totally free. Sheamus restored control with a knee to the gut and slowed the rate down. Riddle reversed into an armbar then transitioned into a pin effort..

Sheamus provided and recovered Corbin a clothesline to the flooring..

This was an unusual sector. It felt like a weak follow up to recentlys angle. Strowman not appreciating Bliss appeared odd unless theyre preparing some type of trap for The Fiend. There was no explanation of how Bliss ended up in the ring throughout the commercial..

Next Week: Triple Brand Battle Royal for a title shot against SmackDown Womens Champion Bayley at SummerSlam.

Back from the break, the heels were securely in control as they isolated Tucker. Morrison struck a double foot stomp and running knee. Miz followed up with a DDT for a near fall..

Jeff Hardy defeated King Corbin.