WWE Backlash: Live results, recaps and analysis

Considering that Asuka unintentionally won the Raw womens champion by grabbing the briefcase in the femaless Money in the Bank ladder match, shes had 4 matches. In what was a competitive match that periodically succeeded in raising both ladies, a pay-per-view world title match rather ended in an utterly unfulfilling double countout. Jax sloppily slammed Asuka versus the ring barrier with plenty of time to bring the action back into the ring, but overdramatically stumbled to make sure the match ended in a double countout.
It wouldnt be unexpected to see Hardy continue to seek retribution on Sheamus for the psychological suffering. The & recently crowned femaless tag group champions effectively protected

Drew McIntyre, right, beat Bobby Lashley at WWE Backlash to retain the WWE champion. Courtesy WWEIt had actually been well over a years considering that Bobby Lashley had actually challenged for the WWE champion, and Sunday nights match against Drew McIntyre revealed just how much Lashley has improved over that stretch.
During his very first run in WWE, lots of dismissed Lashley for being a stereotyped musclebound wrestler with minimal movement and depth of personality. However whatever Lashley showed versus McIntyre proved hes so much more.
This was definitely match of the night to this point. The strength element was high and it included some terrific counterwrestling. McIntyre and Lashley delivered.

Calling a match “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” almost guarantees that it will underachieve. If any two performers in the WWE have the ability to produce a match that approaches the conversation of “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever,” its these two accomplished writers.
For almost 45 minutes, they achieved their goal and put on a truly memorable match.
While its almost difficult to measure up to the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” label, Orton and Edge provided a real classic. The match was systematic, emotionally effective and an excellent story was told. This belongs on the list of match-of-the-year candidates.

The Best Wrestling Match Ever: Randy Orton def. Edge

Storytelling: 0.75
Execution: 0.75
Match psychology: 0.75
Timing: 0.75
Innovation: 0.75
Sure, Lanas involvement ultimately cost Lashley the WWE championship, and anybody might see it originating from miles away, but dealing with MVP and the spotlight of a world title competition has proved that Lashley belongs in the conversation as a legitimate world title contender going forward.
Lashley put the pressure on McIntyre from out of the gate, as an interruption from MVP permitted Lashley to secure a complete nelson and bring it to the ground with a body scissors before the bell even sounded. Lashley lastly released the hold when a cavalcade of referees stormed the ring, and the match ultimately began with McIntyre still wearing his ring jacket.
Lashley maintained the edge for most of the match, beginning with a release vertical suplex, which got him a two-count– but that wouldnt take place frequently in this match.
In spite of a quick respite when McIntyre hit a bridging Northern Lights suplex, Lashley dealt with McIntyres neck and back constantly. MVPs presence was felt throughout, as every time McIntyre got a slight advantage, an interruption tilted the scales back in the other instructions.
Barricade shots turned the tide back to McIntyre, followed by a top-rope axe hammer and a spinebuster, but Lashley kept popping right back up. A standing-release spinebuster by Lashley made just a one-count, however, and both Mcintyre and Lashley projected an unbreakable nature as neither would offer.
McIntyre and Lashley unexpectedly bent some submission abilities beyond their regular collections, as Lashley locked in a crossface and an ankle lock and, after teasing a piledriver midmatch, McIntyre turned a Lashley spear effort into a kimura lock.
McIntyre kipped and struck a superplex up, only to run a Claymore attempt straight into a spear– however that still got Lashley just a two-count. Lana inserted herself into the scenario and challenged the referee, and Lashley held up to prevent facing his wife, who was basing on the ring apron. McIntyres head-butt then sent out Lashley crashing into Lana, who fell under MVP, and the turmoil opened the door to a Claymore and a three-count.
Whats next: McIntyre could discover his method into a fresh difficulty, while Lashley handle some trouble between his group of MVP and Lana, or possibly use another opportunity to what was a very game Lashley. I, for one, would enjoy to see what McIntyre and Lashley might carry out in a sequel.
Universal champion: Braun Strowman def. The Miz & & John Morrison

After a series of roll-up efforts, Orton struck an RKO out of nowhere, but Edge got his shoulder up just prior to three. Orton considered for a bit after the kickout and established for a punt to Edges head, but Edge hopped up and speared Orton. He speared him a second time, but couldnt keep him down for the count of three.
The kickouts continued after Orton hit another RKO, catching Edge midair after a springboard off of the middle turnbuckle.
Edge reacted by securing his Anti-Venom choke submission, but Orton hit a low blow with his knee– which was missed by the authorities– to break the hold. Orton then struck a vicious-looking punt to lastly seal the deal and win the match.
After the remarkable bout, Orton came down on his knees and told Edge to go house and be with his family.
Whats next: The series is tied, so a rubber match at Extreme Rules next month seems like the likeliest of situations.
WWE championship: Drew McIntyre def. Bobby Lashley

Storytelling: 1.00
Execution: 1.00
Match psychology: 1.00
Timing: 1.00
Innovation: 0.75
One of the strategies that stood out right away was enhanced crowd sound, which continued throughout the match. All these small information played perfectly into how Edge and Orton would try to produce a timeless match by pulling in pieces of other classic fumbling moments.
Edge and Orton traded advantages throughout the early sequences. Edge gotten in touch with some Ricky Steamboat-esque deep arm drags and Orton played some mind games to get the advantage. Edge reversed the functions and baited Orton to the outside of the ring, then provided a big boot to the face.
A few sequences later on, Edge head-butted Orton and linked with a clothesline off the middle rope. The head-butt opened Orton up and blood dripped down his face. Edge remained in the chauffeurs seat at this moment, but there was a long method to go.
Back in the ring, Orton stood up to a crossface, breaking the hold by reaching the ropes. He shifted the match in his favor by utilizing his patented reverse neck/back-breaker on Edges neck, which stayed his target throughout the rest of the match.
Edge started to make his return when Orton tried Eddie Guerreros “Three Amigos,” a set of triple vertical suplexes. However, after the second suplex, Edge countered and delivered 3 of his own. The two proceeded to swing, strike and slice each other up until Orton hit a dropkick.
Orton continued to work the neck, with Edge brilliantly communicating the pain through his facial expressions. The pain continued after a superplex by Orton, who followed that up by trying a draping DDT off the top rope. Edge managed to reverse it into a DDT of his own, his Edgecution version.
A revived Edge tried a spear, however Orton leapfrogged over it. The move-borrowing continued when Edge hit a Rock Bottom, which still wasnt enough to put Orton away.

Calling a match “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” almost ensures that it will underachieve. If any two performers in the WWE have the ability to produce a match that approaches the discussion of “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever,” its these 2 accomplished storytellers.
While its almost impossible to live up to the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” label, Orton and Edge provided a real classic. Because Asuka unwittingly won the Raw womens champion by grabbing the brief-case in the femaless Money in the Bank ladder match, shes had 4 matches. In what was a competitive match that sometimes been successful in raising both ladies, a pay-per-view world title match instead ended in an entirely unfulfilling double countout.

WWE Backlash has historically been a night when any sticking around tensions and rivalries from WrestleMania are put to bed. While Money in the Bank slid in between WrestleMania 36 and Backlash in 2020, there was still one major score to settle– the presupposed “Greatest Match Ever” between Edge and Randy Orton.
All 4 top songs champs were in action Sunday at the WWE Performance Center in Winter Park, Florida. Drew McIntyre put his WWE championship on the line versus Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman resisted The Miz & & John Morrison for the Universal title and Nia Jax challenged for Asukas Raw womens champion. SmackDown womens champ Bayley protected her other title, as she and Sasha Banks put their freshly won womens tag team titles on the line against both The IIconics and Alexa Bliss & & Nikki Cross.
The United States championship (Apollo Crews vs. Andrade) and Raw tag titles (Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders) were also on the line, with Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus completing the card.
Tim Fiorvanti and Sean Coyle broke down all the action as it took place, with Coyle rating each match on his individualized scale of 0-5.

After another big win over Bray Wyatt at Money in the Bank, he found himself in an unlikely competition for the title tonight in a handicap circumstance against The Miz and John Morrison. The previous tag champs have played pranks on Strowman on current weeks, angering the huge male, and while him dropping the title Sunday would be an extremely not likely outcome, theres no factor it couldnt be a fun matchup?
The match was predictable, however was enjoyable, for the a lot of part. The tag team work by Miz and Morrison was nicely done and the story was strong.

their tag team titles group both The IIconics and Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross on Sunday night in a match that was packed with frenetic energy. The triple-threat format allowed the match to flow at a quicker rate and it benefited from that.
This was a chaotically entertaining main card opener. Storytelling: 0.50 Execution: 0.50 Match psychology: 0.50 Timing: 0.75 Innovation: 0.75 Once left the match with extremely few minutes of downtime, the decision to have one member of all 3 teams in the ring at. The pinfall exchanges were many, and the momentum swings went in every direction. Everyone had a minute to shine, however the match kicked into high equipment when Banks bounced Peyton Royce out of the ring to separate a double-team effort.
Andrade had his sights on a second reign and earned Sundays chance by winning a triple-threat match against Kevin Owens and an ally of his, Angel Garza, this past Monday night. Really solid kickoff show match to get things going. The first huge area of the match took place after the two made their way to the outside of the ring and Crews back dropped Andrade onto the steel entrance ramp.

PEDIGREE from @RandyOrton! ROCK BOTTOM from @EdgeRatedR!
Nothin but the best Wrestling Moves Ever for the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever. #WWEBacklash @TheRock @TripleH pic.twitter.com/apxlDyWMxd— WWE (@WWE) June 15, 2020

Storytelling: 0.75
Execution: 0.50
Match psychology: 0.50
Timing: 0.50
Innovation: 0.50
Miz and Morrison utilized their speed and numbers benefit in the early stages of the match. They made fast tags, quick strikes and utilized aerial offense, consisting of a nice-looking corkscrew moonsault by Morrison over the top rope to the outdoors onto Strowman.
After a double-team variation of the skull-crushing finale, Miz pulled his partner off the champ, breaking what could have been championship victory, as he wanted to be the one to complete the pinfall and win the title.
That unlocked for Strowman to rebound. He choke-slammed Miz and linked with a running power slam onto Morrison for the victory.