Just wear the $%#@ing mask

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Hola pandemic pals,

A number of years ago I went through US Navy bootcamp in Chicago. After a few weeks, me and the other 81 students I dealt with were provided our secondary gear. This included our MCU-2P gas masks.

Sure, but it doesnt need to be new technology. Our biggest tool in the fight versus a disease thats spread out by means of beads is clothes, not software application. Yes, Im discussing face masks.

I know a great deal of folks HATE using them. Ive seen the videos. Theyre uncomfortable. Sometimes convenience is the last thing you need to be stressed about.

The whole time this pandemics been going on, the worlds been seeking to big tech for answers. Innovation is always the answer?

Credit: Wikicommons

About 15 of my shipmates queued up outside the trainers workplace to grumble about theirs.

On the way there we used our masks (without filters). When we arrived, and the RDCs ducked inside to set things up, about two lots recruits broke the seals on their masks so they could breathe fresh air.

Rather them assist them with their defective equipment, the RDC wailed “Get back to your bunk areas!” which was that.

The RDCs returned, wearing masks and filters, and led us inside in groups of eight. They lit the CS gas off and told us to recite the Sailors Creed.

A hire division commander (RDC, the Navy version of a drill sergeant) came out of the workplace and asked what the issue was. Each of them described that their masks were defective. One said “I cant get enough oxygen, I feel like Im going to lose consciousness!”

We had 20 minutes to have a look at and stow the new gear. The majority of us just inspected our masks for damage (they were used) and tried them on.

Credit: US Navy

#ing mask. If being uncomfortable and smelling your own breath is the worst thing that takes place to you during this pandemic (over 500 thousand people are dead) then youre quite %$ # @ing lucky.

A couple sentences in and each and every single among us was racked over coughing our brains up. Once we muddled through the Creed we were permitted to grab and place our filters.

After breathing gas, that initially breath of air through the masks filter was the sweetest, most oxygen-filled, fantastic inhalation I d ever taken. The relief was instantaneous.

No one in my department ever complained about how tough it was to breathe with a mask on again after that.

Still not persuaded? This tweets for you:

BREAKING: Bill Gates, George Soros, and Hillary Clinton have moneyed an across the country facial acknowledgment program that is developed to require vaccines laced with RFID chips on everybody.
This will then be used to take your weapons.
Wear a mask to foil this plot!
— Angry Staffer (@AngrierWHStaff) June 29, 2020

By the numbers

Recently we looked at information from the 3 nations with the largest single-day increase in cases.
This week were going to compare coronavirus numbers to Beyoncés career. Just enjoy it.

COVID-19 cases: 10.3 million

Beyoncé albums offered: 118 million

This AI can tell if youre silly or if youre a Democrat based upon how you discuss COVID-19

So much winning https://t.co/yZDUzcIJ1W.
— Tom Morello (@tmorello) June 29, 2020.


Heres whats happening with the different vaccine trials … not as much as we d hope at this moment. (The Motley Fool)

Beyoncé Grammies: 21.

Tweet of the week.

COVID-19 deaths: 506K.

Open source COVID data note pads from IBM? Yes please!

Amazon desires India to ditch traditional retail and use its shopping service throughout the pandemic, because thats how monopolies work

United States CDC is giving up on trying to consist of COVID-19. (CNBC)

If you try to share this article on Facebook in 4 months itll alert you that its old

COVID-19 healings:5.24 million

What to check out.

Amazon discovers new ways to profit off the pandemic, Facebook rotates away from false information, and COVID-19 rebrands itself through anomaly..

Universes Beyoncé is queen of: ALL.

WTF? Gileads “Remdesivir” branded treatment for COVID-19 costs over $3,000 WITH insurance?? (CNBC)

Weve had a TNW author share something odd theyve been consuming over weekly during the quarantine, however lockdown is ending in a lot of locations I thought it was a great time to change things up.
Going forward, were going to utilize this area to talk about the tech thats getting us through the pandemic. I know I d be lost without my gaming consoles and guitar rig. Ill get us started this week with a topic among our other writers raised:.
Callum Booth (the editor of TNWs Plugged) composed a really interesting piece recently about how he discovered to love tablets. Thanks to pandemic-life Im inclined to agree. I simply choose a different sort of piece.
I have a Wal-Mart Onn branded tablet and a similarly-priced piece from Vankyo. I think they run about $60 US. And if I could, I d discover some even cheaper ones to change them with.
Im enjoying a lot more content (WWE Network and Tiger King, mostly) than I used to when I could go outdoors and speak with individuals. Im viewing content during chores, while Im working, even when Im brushing my teeth.
Issue is, I do not want my laptop computer anywhere near the kitchen area sink when Im doing meals (I rave wash) and, throughout the workday, I need my phone complimentary for interviews and Twitter while Im dealing with my laptop.
So I blew the dust off my cheap old tablets.
Now Im viewing Beyoncé videos while the dishes get scrubbed and Joe Exotic TELEVISION reruns when I ought to be developing smart one-liners to describe our news links.
And if I unintentionally drop my tablet in the disposal or forget that its not water proof when I get a Netflix yearning in the shower … meh, Ill simply grab another out of the bin.

Coronavirus is altering whichs making it harder to come up with treatments and a vaccine. (SF Gate)


United States professional states were not likely to see herd immunity if anti-vaxxers do not take their medicine. (CBS News)

¯ _( ツ) _/ ¯.


In the meantime, heres a few links to assist you manage the false information as the disease strikes its peak:.

The Center for Disease Controls myth-busting section on COVID-19.

Well be back next Tuesday. And every Tuesday after that till the pandemic ends. Since were all in this together.

After Recovering from COVID-19, are you immune?

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A couple of decades ago I went through United States Navy boot camp in Chicago. On the method there we wore our masks (without filters). When we showed up, and the RDCs ducked inside to set things up, about 2 dozen recruits broke the seals on their masks so they could breathe fresh air. Going forward, were going to use this space to talk about the tech thats getting us through the pandemic. Ill get us began this week with a topic one of our other writers brought up:.