Rising Aussie star Oscar Piastri thought his F3 debut was over after 10 seconds – Wide World of Sports

Oscar Piastri. (FotoFormulaK) Piastri is a member of the Renault young chauffeur academy, with the groups F1 star Daniel Ricciardo among those to connect after the victory.
” I had an Instagram message from Daniel to state well done, which was cool, and likewise Alain Prost,” Piastri exposed.
” I got an outrageous amount of messages, but certainly when a world champion and also Australias present F1 motorist get in touch it truly sticks to you.”
Piastris supervisor, previous F1 motorist Mark Webber, had plenty of praise for the young Australians efficiency.
” There was a lot of racing instinct associated with that first sector, both at turn one and turn 3, however Oscar came out of it extremely well,” Webber told Wide World of Sports.

Oscar Piastri. (FotoFormulaK)” Its real that he got sandwiched at turn one after an astonishing launch off the line, however he balanced threat and benefit, and the racing gods were on his side.”
According to Webber, its key that Piastri has established himself early on as one of the motorists to beat, ahead of round 2 of the series this weekend at the very same track.
” Momentum in any sport is important and hes off to a great start,” he stated.
” I told Oscar that its like cricket, its excellent to have the runs on the board and not need to chase them.
” Of course, its a favorable that theres another race at the very same venue next weekend, but therell be no resting on his laurels, hell have a psychological reset and be all set for a fresh weekend.”

Oscar Piastri after winning his launching F3 race in Austria. (Supplied)” The last few years Ive been using a British racing license for visa factors.
” So whenever I won in Formula Renault last year they played the British anthem, never the Australian one. Advantage we got that changed over the off-season!
” It was definitely cool to have it played for the very first time, and to have Alex on the podium with me was additional unique. The entire weekend was pretty unreal. It was very nice to hear the anthem.”
Piastris triumph wasnt without event. Beginning 3rd on the grid, he discovered himself the middle car in a three-wide sandwich at turn one.
The Australian made contact with both polesitter Sebastian Fernandez left wing, and Lirim Zendeli on the right, the damage forcing Fernandez into retirement.

With Tasmanias Alex Peroni completing third, the future looks bright for Australia.
” Funnily enough thats the very first time Ive been on the podium with the Australian flag and anthem,” Piastri told Wide World of Sports.

Oscar Piastri. (FotoFormulaK)” After a couple of seconds of copping it in the eyes I thought I d better bail out or Im not going to be able to see anything.
” I didnt really know how the podium was going to work, I had to ask as I was driving back to the pits. Where do I go? Am I permitted to take off my helmet? It was all a little bit weird.”
Winning race one condemned the Australian to a 10th place start for race 2, where the leading 10 start in reverse order from their race one finishing positions.
The problem of passing in Austria was instantly evident, and Piastri was unable to make significant development, ultimately completing eighth in what he referred to as “damage constraint.”
” The entire 2nd half of the lap is pretty bad for the unclean air, that makes it hard to follow the cars and truck in front,” he stated.
” Even if I had actually made an additional position it was just worth another point, so I wasnt going to risk it. I had three points, I wasnt going to go full-blown to get four.
” But I was extremely shocked how hard it was in race two, the tyres overheat really rapidly, so after a couple of laps youve got to revoke it and attempt and get your temperatures back under control.”

When future world champion Alan Jones won his very first Formula One Grand Prix, in Austria in 1977, organisers were notoriously captured out throughout the podium event.
The Australian wasnt anticipated to include plainly in that race, and organisers didnt have the national anthem all set to play after his triumph. Instead, according to Jones, “a drunk played Happy Birthday on a trumpet.”
Quick forward 43 years, and there was no error this time around, with the Australian nationwide anthem calling out around the track in the hills of Spielberg, after increasing star Oscar Piastri was triumphant on his F3 debut on Saturday.

Oscar Piastri collects his prize for winning in Austria. (Supplied)” Yeah, turn one was very eventful,” Piastri stated.
” I was quite amazed that my front wing and my front left wheel didnt leave.
” As quickly as I felt the hit I thought theres no method Ill be making it past the next corner.
” It seemed like a big hit, but I was quite fortunate because Fernandez struck my tyre rather of the front wing.
” I believe the front wing copped a bigger hit when I got shoved into Zendeli on the right-hand man side. I was thinking it was all over after 10 seconds.
” But it ends up Dallara build a quite strong vehicle.”

” It was definitely cool to have it played for the very first time, and to have Alex on the podium with me was additional special. The entire weekend was pretty unreal. It was really great to hear the anthem.”
” I didnt in fact understand how the podium was going to work, I had to ask as I was driving back to the pits. Where do I go?

Oscar Piastri on the podium with Logan Sargeant (left) and Alex Peroni (best). (Supplied) Any thoughts that Piastri may have suffered damage disappeared extremely quickly, as the 19-year-old passed Zendeli around the beyond turn three for the lead, which he never relinquished.
” Going up the straight (after turn one) my steering wheel was still straight, so I understood that the steering was most likely alright, I simply didnt understand about the front wing,” he said.
” But even going through turn 2, which is just a little kink, it felt totally normal through there, no shuddering or scraping on the ground.
” So I simply assumed it was still OK and braked as late as I dared.”
With COVID-19 limitations in location, the socially-distanced podium event was a little various to regular, and Piastri needed to compete with his second greatest problem of the day, champagne in the eyes.
” Well the champagne bottle was a lot bigger than I was used to from Formula Renault, so I was under fire from both sides!” he stated.